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A wonderful Being,

God/Man, Man/God died for our sins – yours and mine. He arose from the dead – He was physically dead and He came back to life, to live evermore. Never, NEVER doubt these two intricately connected, most important events in all human history. What satan has been too successful in doing is 1.) connecting His Resurrection with spring 2.) connecting It with chicks/rabbits/eggs 3.) connecting His Resurrection with new clothes 4.) connecting It with pagan cyclicalism. Please, as much as you can, push aside the pagan/worldly paraphernalia and honor CHRIST.

His resurrection is our only hope for tomorrow.

– eab, 4/4/17

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He was King to rural peasants in pastures lush or bare,


Shepherds bound to a timeless trade.


He was King to men who give tender love and care,


Whether ‘long mountain trail or thru creeks they wade.



He will be King of a City with a million square miles,


The gates will be pearl, the streets will be gold.


Because of their King the dwellers all have smiles,


He redeemed them by His resurrection long foretold.

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