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“What is heaven but

an eternal monument to holiness?”

– V O Agan, sermon, 9/11/96

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There is No Holiness

without Humility.

– eab, Nov 1989

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Worldliness OR Holiness – that IS the choice.

Worldliness makes us more conscience of carnal self & less conscience of God.

Holiness, the TRUE fulfillment of ourselves, (as God planned)

makes us more aware of our Holy God.

– eab, 8/28/12

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Heaven is unanimous about Holiness


Hell agrees (Holiness is necessary).


Earth is the only place that questions Holiness


– and that will not be for long.   

– eab, 3/8/13

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Holiness as a doctrine is Good


Holiness as an initial experience is Better


Holiness lived out in daily-life is Best.     


 – eab, 6/29/11                          

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Love of Holiness

It is too easy to know the:



            Life-style of holiness

and not know the Love of holiness.


– eab, 4/85

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A monster he was,

Though still drinking milk.

A monster she was,

Thought surrounded by silk.

No innocent food,

Nor an innocent cover,

Can change the old nature,

Can carnality smother.

Only God can remove

That tiger inside.

Holiness, He died to

Justly, wholly provide.

                – eab, 10/20/07

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