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Thank you Lord for the Night:

To slow down and sleep,

To the home-fires keep,

With Ewe and “little sheep.”


Thank you Lord for the Morn:

To throw-back, make the sheet,

For breakfast to eat,

For shoes for the feet.


Thank you Lord for the Noon:

For strength to work till then,

For work of hammer or pen,

For corn gathered in the bin.


Thank you Lord for the “Tardes”:

For warmth in winter’s sun,

For “game” from rod and gun,

For labor almost run.


Thank you Lord for the Even:

For the ceasing to roam,

For the walk toward home,

For the evening’s gloam.


And if there is a time I’ve forgotten,

Please don’t think me “rotten,”

‘Cause I love life and love all your days,

Broken up in hourly way – all Praise!  – eab,  1/19/06

Written in the city of Kingston, in eastern Ontario. 

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