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“Anything that a change of date will alter, is not truth.”

“Lord I thank you for letting me see the sights of New York and Lord I thank you that I didn’t see anything I wanted.”

“When the Lord saved me He gave me something I never had, and always wanted.”

“When He sanctified He took out of me something I never needed, and never wanted.”

“Holiness seed never rots.  Plant it and it will grow.”

Bud Robinson was sanctified 6/2/1890, in Hill County, Texas.  He later wrote

My Hospital Experience, Sunshine and Smiles (1902) Honey in the Rock (1913),  Religion, Philosophy and Fun (1957)

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“Now, a man with a fixed heart is not only natural, but he is as bold as a lion; he neither fears men nor devils. He now has the courage of his conviction; he will wash out his mouth, and tear off his lodge pin, and vote the Prohibition ticket. Even if he knows that the man that he voted for would not be elected, he would rather vote for a cleanProhi­bitionist and get defeated in the election than to vote for a rum seller and elect him, and you would, too, if you are natural and bold.”


– Bud Robinson, Honey in the Rock (Cincinnati: God’s Revivalist Press, 1913), 103.


Underlining mine.  You can remove “Prohi­bitionist,” “rum seller” in the above and apply it to the 21st century.  THINK ABOUT it.  Must we always vote for the lesser of too evils?  (Too is purposely here.)


Uncle Buddy was a famous, Tennessee born, Nazarene Evangelist.  He is the holiness preacher I’ve heard most quoted by Baptist ministers. 

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