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God could have lived  a “million miles” away,

Have been there eons–“eons and a day.”

He could have lived, and flourished, permeating space,

Could have gone on, all happy in Himself,

(“Creation” sitting idly on His shelf.)

Would He have still supremely been all God?

ALL GOD He’d been, without man or man’s sod.


Or–could’ve made an orphaned human race;

No intervention–oddly out of place–

Afloat upon forsaken seas; a-flound’ring, lost.

He could’ve wound Deistic clocks “and walked.”

He could’ve never signaled, never talked.

And left man seeking something ‘kin to light,

But destined to a Godless, endless night.


Instead, at heightened, priceless, most-rare cost,

God chose His wealth “to tap”?  No! To exhaust!

He sent His Only –after mortal men had failed.

Almighty God allowed mere man to see,

His sovereign purpose from eternity.

No man has yet “discovered God” — man’s ill.

His Revelation was His perfect will.


This Christmas revel in Christ, rightly hailed.

Rejoice!  God’s Revelation has prevailed.

All glory, honor, grateful praise; Christ has travailed.

A Personal Pentecost is also made

Available through pow’r which cannot fade.

Revealed is God, through Christ.  Oh, Joyful thing! 

No wonder saints find voice to sing and sing!   – eab, 12/10/2002

Written while associate pastor (under Phillip Dickinson) at Gospel Center, Phoenix, Arizona 

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I Am was His name when He made the first dame,

To birth and own her own.

And trees’ fruits and flowers were given genetic powers,

To produce exactly what was sown.


I Am was His name (and it’s always STILL the same –

– From everlasting, He is God!)

When He anviled the sun and gave it a course to run,

Over earth’s vast sand and sod.


I Am was His name when the world of past fame,

Was left desolate of its every, first-born.

And God lead His children out (even those with a pout);

Their cloths never suffered from the thorn.


And I Am He still is, in spite of “show biz,”

And Hollywood’s dethronement.

No puny man can e’er assume that glorious throne room,

No, not for a milli-moment.


I Am – what a name!  But it really is tame,

For all the Majesty, and Honor, and Might,

Of His eternal Being, so beyond human seeing,

And yet ever lies in faith’s sight.    -eab, 11/94


Written while enjoying the pastorate of the Bible Holiness Chapel in (Fall River County) Oelrichs, South Dakota.

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