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The “Council of Constance” on this date, 11/5/1414, brought to trial two Bohemian men vitally interested in reforming religion as it then stood.  Evidently the “Council of Constance” was not interested in reform. 


They condemned John Huss (aka Jan Hus), a former dean of philosophical faculty and the author of On SimonyOn the Church.   This council also condemned his friend Jerome of Prague.  They even went so far as to anathematized the teachings of the great English thinker/minister, John Wycliffe. 


Huss was burned at stake the next year (1415) and they killed Jerome of Prague the year after that (1416).  Their “sins”?  What was called “heresy,” in reality outspoken appeals for church reform and (at least in Huss’ case) for seeking religious rights for the common people.

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