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I dare you to go way out,

Be a nonconformist, without a doubt,

Meet the challenge; Think you can

Of being a twentieth century man?

Think and act for yourself. Difficult?

You have tried the rest,

Now try the Living best.

I dare you. Kick the cult.     

– eab, Apr. ‘69

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Know yourself?  I dare you to!

That is if you can stand the shock,

Of habits you can’t kick or knock,

Of that false image that you show,

Of your fears, that your friends don’t know.

Freedom for your mind at last!

Liberation from the captive past.

Know yourself?  I dare you to!               

                – eab, Apr. ‘69

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I dare you, that’s what I said!  [1]

To meet the greatest challenge made.

You claim to have an open mind,

To be unbiased to the rind,

Would you believe it takes a lot,

A victory always has to be fought!

You will be there.

If you care, to dare.

                – eab, Apr. ‘69

[1] The four “I Dare You” poems were used as “radio jingles” for a rally put on by some ofHobeSoundBibleCollege’s young “preacher boys.”

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