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I love you Lord Jesus, I love you fine Lord,

Who out of your heavenly cabinet and board,

Could skillfully, willingly, immensely let rain

A small seed-like substance again and again.

It covered the ground around camp and then some,

Till the slowest and lowest had finally come

And picked up their pot-full of heaven’s light bread

Carrying it tent-ward on shoulder or head.

You send down the manna one morning then two,

One-hundred times, then thousands (days flew!)

And when finally the last Jew had placed his dry sandal,

On the west bank of Jordan forty years later,

Your bounty could’ve (without poverty or scandal)

Furnished more manna, yes, manna galore.

Who knows the amount of God’s kitchen-store?

– eab, Jan. ’03 (2nd stanza of a larger work)

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