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I see God in a pansy so small,

In an oak, a mountain wall.

I see Him in the moon’s light ball,

In a canyon’s hall, a leaf’s bright fall.

I see Him over all.           Do You?  


I smell God in the month of May,

In new mown hay, on a rainy day.

I smell Him in a salty bay,

In October’s gay, in the dew’s lay.

I smell Him in many a way.        Do You?  


I hear God in the wind’s toot,

In an owl’s hoot, in rain’s dilute.

I hear Him in the music of a flute,

In the drop of fruit, the bird’s salute.

I hear Him in rife pursuit. Do You?  


I feel God in a baby’s skin,

In the grass thin, a grain bin.

I feel Him in a fish’s fin,

In a honey locust “pin”, feathers of a wren.

I feel Him “then.”            Do You?  


I taste God in an apple so sweet,

In well done meat, a nutty treat.

I taste Him in the product of wheat,

In salt’s feat, when spices meet.

I taste Him replete.          Do You?   – eab, ’66 JAN.

Written while working at Lincoln School in Cincy.

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