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Francis Harold Rowley died 2/14/1952 at Boston.  He was born at Hilton, NY, 7/25/ 1854 son of a Dr. John & Mary (Smith) Rowley.  Francis graduated from Rochester Univ. & Rochester Theological Seminary & was ordained in 1878.  He pastored at Parker City & later Titusville (both PA), at North Adams, MA & at Oak Park, IL, returned to MA & pastored Fall River & later Boston. In later years he worked with hospitals: Robert Brigham Hospital (for incurables) & N.E. Baptist Hospital of Boston.

 A passport in 1890 described him as 35 years old, 5’ 5 ½” with a medium forehead, brown eyes, a straight nose, a mouth that was not large, a round chin, dark brown hair, an olive complexion, and a round face. It was while he pastor in North Adams, he wrote, “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story.” He was privileged in London once to come upon a Salvation Army band playing his song with no idea he was near.

I will sing the wondrous story Of the Christ Who died for me.

How He left His home in glory For the cross of Calvary.


Yes, I’ll sing the wondrous story Of the Christ Who died for me,

Sing it with the saints in glory, Gathered by the crystal sea.

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