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I’ve been carried out with the quickness  

Of a youthful, “holy pride.”

And returned with a slower,

Wiser, more humble stride.

Time and again I’ve made the rounds;

Same airports, same roads, same old towns,

Back to the one familiar base;

I’m a missionary’s suitcase.

I’ve been clean and packed and shipped,

Amid happy voices and bright smiles

A daughter’s wedding waited

At the end of my miles.

I’ve also felt those hot full tears

As a parent ended his years;

It was all a part of my pace,

As a missionary’s suitcase.

I’ve ─ but wait, all good things must have an end,

Soon, so soon I will be

Carrying their things one final time

Across the sea.

Missionaries will leave behind,

Trunks and barrels of every kind

Up that Golden Staircase,

They will never need another suitcase.

– eab, Nov ‘91


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