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We’re in a war – not referring to carnal rockets or ships. Paul wrote, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” (Eph 6.12a). It’s not my job, as a Believer in Christ, to detract from or defend earthly “kingdoms” – it IS my responsibility to stand firmly with the Captain of my Salvation, Jesus Christ. His inspired Word is under attack. And His world creative actions are under attack. These two are more closely aliened than realized.

– eab, July 2015

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You are more wonderful than human pen can define,

Beyond the description of the longest, well-inked line,

Majestically huge, yet IN this unworthy heart of mine.

Jesus, Precious Jesus.

– eab, 2/5/06

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And of His [ Jesus Christ ] fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.

John 1.16

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He [ Jesus Christ ] was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.

– John 1.10   [ Some of the sadder words in this Gospel.]

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And the light [Jesus Christ] shineth in darkness; and

the darkness comprehended it not.

– Joh 1.5

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He was Rich, more rich than the locals could possible grasp – She was the very epitome of poverty.

He was Mature – She had a certain childishness.

He was majestically handsome – She had a country comeliness.

He was Accomplished without being worldly – She had a wonderful sense of innocency.

Their’s was a marriage made in heaven, worked out on earth and to be celebrated forever, literally!

He is the Heavenly Bridegroom, Christ, the founder of Christianity – She is the purified, perfected, poor (yet rich in Him) bride of Christ!

– eab, 7/2/11

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God’s kingdom is not built




on personalities




It is built on the PERSON



of Jesus Christ


– eab, 5/6/11

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Jesus Christ can straighten UP

your  “?


into an  “!




– eab,  7/25/12

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…Wherever there are true ministers of Jesus Christ, it is from the operation of his Spirit upon their hearts, first purifying them, and thus giving them a just sense of the conditions of others.

                – John Woolman, Journal (London: Edward Marsh, 1857), 11.

…We have found it to be our duty to cease from these national contests [referring to “a disagreement between” England and France] which are productive of misery and bloodshed…  

                – John Woolman, Journal (London: Edward Marsh, 1857), 31.

 Things that served chiefly to please the vain mind in people, I was not easy to trade in; seldom did it; and whenever I did, I found it weaken[ed] me as a Christian.

                – John Woolman, Journal (London: Edward Marsh, 1857), 38.

John Woolman was born this date 10/19/1720, Northampton, Burlington Co. NJ.  He was a Quaker preacher and also ran a shop using part of his profits to support abolitionist work.  He produced his Journal (written 1756-72) which influenced 19th century abolitionists.  He died in England where he was presenting his beliefs, 10/7/1772.

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“Much is spoken of the rightful Heir of the Crown of England, and the unjustice of casting out the right Heir: but Christ is the only right Heir of the Crown of England, and of all other Nations also.” He proposed to the English nation, “That you would now set the Crown of England upon the head of Christ, whose only true inheritance it is,” and set their “civil polity” on the model given by God to Moses in the wilderness (in Exodus 18), so that “then shall the will of God be done on earth, as it is done in heaven.”


Quotes above are from Eliot’s preface to The Christian Commonwealth: or,The Civil Policy Of The Rising Kingdom of Jesus Christ


John Eliot was born 8/4/1604 at Widford, England.  He sailed to America in 1631, to pastor a group of Puritans.  Using linguistic training he received at Cambridge, Eliot learned the Indian language.  In a decade he was preaching in the Indian tongue and working on a Bible translation for them.  His “Indian” Bible was first Bible printed in North America (1661-1663).  Eliot also trained twenty four Indians as preachers – he is properly known as “the Apostle to the Indians.”

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