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We’re in a war – not referring to carnal rockets or ships. Paul wrote, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” (Eph 6.12a). It’s not my job, as a Believer in Christ, to detract from or defend earthly “kingdoms” – it IS my responsibility to stand firmly with the Captain of my Salvation, Jesus Christ. His inspired Word is under attack. And His world creative actions are under attack. These two are more closely aliened than realized.

– eab, July 2015

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You are more wonderful than human pen can define,

Beyond the description of the longest, well-inked line,

Majestically huge, yet IN this unworthy heart of mine.

Jesus, Precious Jesus.

– eab, 2/5/06

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And of His [ Jesus Christ ] fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.

John 1.16

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He [ Jesus Christ ] was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.

– John 1.10   [ Some of the sadder words in this Gospel.]

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And the light [Jesus Christ] shineth in darkness; and

the darkness comprehended it not.

– Joh 1.5

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He was Rich, more rich than the locals could possible grasp – She was the very epitome of poverty.

He was Mature – She had a certain childishness.

He was majestically handsome – She had a country comeliness.

He was Accomplished without being worldly – She had a wonderful sense of innocency.

Their’s was a marriage made in heaven, worked out on earth and to be celebrated forever, literally!

He is the Heavenly Bridegroom, Christ, the founder of Christianity – She is the purified, perfected, poor (yet rich in Him) bride of Christ!

– eab, 7/2/11

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God’s kingdom is not built




on personalities




It is built on the PERSON



of Jesus Christ


– eab, 5/6/11

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