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Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”


Jesus Christ IS attractive!

His Conception is the Only such Miracle.

His 12-year-old-temple-experience, the most Pictorial.

His Healings, the most Historical.

His Teachings, the Highest Possible.

His “mockery of a trial,” the most Despicable.

His Death, the most Horrible.

His Resurrection, the most Admirable.

His 40-day stay afterward, the most Exceptional.

His Ascension, the most Incomparable.

And His Coming Again – is the most Predictable.

– eab, 5/7/18


“When I got serious with God, God got serious with me.”

B J Walker, sermon 8/4/09


Every earthling must live on a continent (or a boat – in reality, a floating “island”) but he doesn’t have to be content with his continent. We were made for the upper, much better, much bigger World – Heaven. Prepare!

– eab, 5/19/18


Book of Life

When the angel looks at the “Book of Life”

Will he find you had love, or lots of strife?

Did you love your neighbor across the way

Enough to smile, wave, enough to pray?

And the guy who went to that different church

Or did not go – did you leave him in a lurch?

Actions not only speak here on this earth,

Judgment Day will find them of great “worth.”

– eab, 5/28/15


Luk 1.41

“And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb…”


There’s a serious mental disconnect when a man can cruelly enslave his fellowman (past or present) saying, “They’re not human.” There’s huge irrational rationale when a man can kill (& take the possessions) of his fellowman (past or present) proclaiming, “They’re not human.”

– eab, 5/29/18


“After a man has been in the ministry 8 or 10 yrs his files should contain the results of his studies in almost every book of the Bible.”

– Andrew W Blackwood


When a man & his wife can decide that the “fetal tissue” she is carrying is not human they’re being incoherent, illogical. A previous similar seed & sperm were carried full-term & is now a blond-haired daughter or a dark-haired son. Why not this seed & sperm?  Because this “one” is not wanted?

– eab, 5/29/18

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Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

[ Christ is attractive ]


Every image is false. From the earliest stone images to the latest filmed ones, all are fake. The devil wants to fascinate us, dazzle us, pique our interest to see one more sequel. Wake up, friend; much of entertainment is about the fabricated, the fictitious, the false. I plead with parents stop the addiction to movies, cartoons for your child’s sake. God does not need images – He. Is. The. Word.

– eab, 2/27/18



“We are indebted to our Lord’s controversies with the Pharisees and Scribes

for a considerable part of the four Gospels.”

– John Fletcher




If you’re known by your friends,

And certainly that makes sense.

Who would you list as your best

Someone on society’s fringe

Who is closest to your chest?

Look beyond your small valley

Seek a Friend who is “tops”

Don’t settle for second best

God will be with you in path or alley

His prime friendship never stops.

He’ll love you in trough and crest

After all, He’s really chosen you,

Did that before you ever saw light.

Return His love now and ever,

Love God if it’s the last think you do.

Walk with Him through earth’s night

Loving Christ is you best endeavor.

– eab, 3/4/17


Rev 21.10

“And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and

showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God”



Saints, do not think it strange when you find yourself in the minority. The minority went on the ark. The minority (12 spies) were right. The minority made up the final number for Gideon. The minority went into (& came out of) the fiery furnace. The minority were in the Upper Room. God appears to not be impressed (as we too often are) by large numbers.

– eab, 3/4/18



“Never do anything I would not want to be doing the last hour of my life.”

– Jonathan Edwards

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