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Joh 8.31 +

Joh 8.31

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him,

If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;”


“We’ll never reach the world except with the message of holiness…”
– Glenn Griffith, /I Sought for a Man/


Would you have liked to have been one of Christ’s disciples? You could’ve been around a fire or on a boat with Him & had 1/12th of His attention. But Christ was not always with the disciples or not always with the 12. Alas, you didn’t live back then – So…..feel sorry for yourself? Not at all. You can be His modern day disciple & have – ready for this – have a One-on-one relationship with Him. Wonderful!

– eab, 12/5/18


“In the spiritual realm…you can find many who have left Sodom

but God could never get Sodom out of them.”

– Glenn Griffith, /I Sought for a Man/


Guide, Oh Lord

To be guided, Oh, Lord

By Your gallant hand

Guided in thoughts and speech

To know You and know Your strength

To be with You at length

When each holds fellowship with each

You alone are worthy all praise

You deserve every hymn that’s ever sung

And deserve every shout we raise

Thank You Lord, for being Yourself

Distant, beyond the scope of man’s glass

And yet as close as one’s inner soul

As the breath which near it may pass

Increase my vision Lord to see

A little more, daily, of God

May I see You in the ordinary

May I clasp You more in the “odd.”

You are there, You are here,

In the common chores of domain

Oh, may I see and cry to see,

And not live life in a sad refrain. Amen.

– eab, Dec. 2007


“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully

 as when they do it from religious conviction.”

– Blaise Pascal, /Pensees/


Eph 5.19

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,

singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord:”


If your church still sings Watts, Wesley, & “what’s-his-name” (traditional, holy hymns) count your many blessings. Pull a hymnal out of the rack & sing every word, every verse – with gusto. Think about those purposely chosen terms. Many hymns were penned by poets (not music guys who “want-to-be” a song writer) in the crucible of life. Tears were flowing (or had been shed) about that deep trial. Many were penned by men busy with preaching, teaching, or other full-time occupations. Enjoy this legacy.

– eab, 12/5/18


“…True fear comes from faith;

false fear comes from doubt…”

– Blaise Pascal, /Pensees/


We had a nice “visit” from a granddaughter (youngest child’s oldest girl). You’ve heard of a “working vacation”? Well, Kimberly had a short, working stay with us Fri PM & Sat. AM. She & Gram took down, cleaned, & replaced the paraphernalia which decorates the top of Gram’s kitchen cabinets (37 items on N. end + west & east). They also cleaned off antique hutch & before she left got part of it put back. You were a great blessing Kimberly. Gram & I thank you immensely. Come back 😉

– eab, 12/5/18

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Joh 8.31 +

Joh 8.31

“…If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;”


Once on-board-ship, always on-board-ship? Hardly. Hopefully the ship boarded in NYC may land you in England. But, not necessarily. Many persons have died at sea (in olden days were buried at sea.) Some people’ve been lost at sea in storms. Others have jumped off. A fearful cry (more in the past, I assume than now) was “Man overboard!” Wake up, dear friend, “Once saved, always saved” doesn’t work except in a warped theology. Jesus will get us to heaven – we have to willingly alive in Christ & stay on board.

– eab, 6/8/18


“God’s Word declares that a righteous person is like a tree. A tree lives in two realms of nature; it lives in the earth & it lives above the earth.”

– T M Anderson, /Prayer Availeth Much/


An earthly judge may want you to tell the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth. The Great Judge wants His ministers to # 1.) Preach the Gospel, # 2.) Preach the whole Gospel, & # 3.) Preach nothing but the Gospel. Number 1. takes a man. Number 2. takes a disciplined man. Number 3. takes a disciplined man who’s subtracted himself from the world. We need more # 3’s. Amen? Ouch?

– eab, 6/8/18



I like up

Better than down.

Prefer a smile

Above a sad frown.

Will choose a wise man

Over a “christian” clown.

Have renounced sin’s garment;

Hope to wear heaven’s glad crown.

Have left destruction’s city

Bound for that gold-streeted town.

– eab, 6/8/11


Heb 13.4

“Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but

whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”


Weddings have dazzling displaces of carnations, candles, & crepe. Music is there, friends are there, & hopefully God’s blessing is there. What a day! Enjoy! Another day will dawn. One or both will have to go back to work. Laundry gets dirty, grass needs mowed. The pay-the-bills-world follows but don’t let these mar your love. Weddings do not a marriage make. You, yours, & Christ can make a successful marriage. (My dear wife & I, God willing, celebrate 57 yrs. this month.)

– eab, 6/8/18


“Why should I speak of physics, ethics, or logic? All that human tongue can say is in Holy Scripture. Its authority is greater than the power of the whole human spirit.”

– Adrian (Hadrian?) of Corneto


Being “Born Again” has been emphasized & should be. Allow me to remind – a baby that remains a baby is not normal. Are you growing in Christ? No, I didn’t ask if you’re more active in church. No, I didn’t ask if you’re dressing more carefully. No, I didn’t ask if you’re dropping more in the offering. Are you growing? (The above may result from growing but are NOT growth.) Be Born Anew but grow – grow-UP in Christ.

– eab, 6/8/18

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