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“If revival is all that we ever seek

then we will always be in need of one;

Revival, then Harvest.”

– John F Dorsey (just passed away at 99)

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John F Dorsey was born 1/3/1916, in southern Ohio.  Dorsey entered the field of evangelism at a young age and stayed there until retirement, except for the 14(?) years he pastored at Mt Carmel (in greater Cincinnati).  He is a poet, theologian, and until entering the nursing home, a successful hunter (at least 30 big-game) and a gardener.  His book A Farmer Looks at the Parables should be read by every pastor and every man studying to be a pastor.  Glad he was our pastor for two years and that he dedicated our son Lincoln (together with the late Tim Dotson) in 1967.

Dorsey quote:

“Perfection is what God says about Himself; attributes are what man says about God.  God is not obligated to live up to these.”  – 7/23/98

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“I Heard Them Saying That God Was Dead”


I heard them saying that God was dead

            But the sun still rose at dawn.

And the stars still twinkled o’er my head

            When the last sunlight was gone.


The moon serene smiled sweetly on

            The storm clouds reared on high

The lightnings flashed; the thunders rolled

            In power across the sky.


The trees still bowed to the passing wind

            And the earth drank in the rain.

And deep in my heart the Spirit sang

            A glad and sweet refrain.


“All things are upheld by My mighty power

            I govern from shore to shore.

I hold thee in life from hour to hour

            And I live forevermore.”


John F Dorsey was born today 1/3/1916 in Ohio.  His life has been a blessing through sermons (evangelist, pastor, Bible teacher) and through his pen, both in poetry and in prose.  See A Farmer Looks at the Parables

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