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Dr John Reynolds died 5/21/1607.  He was born around Michaelmas, i.e. Sep. 29, 1549.  (This was a “church day” honoring Michael the Archangel & also a calendar day marking the end/beginning of the “husbandman’s year.”)  John’s birthplace was Pinhoe, near Exeter, where he was the 5th son of Richard Rainolds (sp?) & is known the have had brothers named William, Hierome & Edmond.

 John seems to have enrolled at Merton (Oxford) but on 4/29/1563 was elected to a scholarship at Corpus Christi College.  He became “probationary fellow,” 10/11/1566 & graduated BA, 10/15/1568.  About this time he became the tutor of Richard Hooker.  He was active in the Hampton Court Conference (the “most prominent representative of the Puritans”).  As Dean of Lincoln he was to have helped translate Isaiah -Malachi in the King James Bible but died (of consumption) in before much work got underway.

He observed, “All who have labored in reforming the Church, for five hundred years, have taught that all pastors, whether they are entitled bishops or priests, have equal authority and power by God’s word; as the Waldenses, next Marsilius Patavinus, then Wiclif and his scholars, afterwards Huss and the Hussites; and Luther, Calvin, Brentius, Bullinger, and Musculus.”

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