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John Wesley died 3/2/1791 at London.  He was born 6/17/1703, Epworth, England, 15th child of Samuel & Susanna Wesley.  More importantly, he was born again (BTW after already be a disciplined man & after serving as a missionary) 5/24/1738, while listening to Luther’s preface to the Epistle to the Romans.  He went on to revive (somewhat) the NT doctrine of heart holiness – a terrifically important message.

Few men (English or otherwise) have left a more meaningful mark on their age.  Between his writings: Plain Account of Christian Perfection, Explanatory Notes on the NT, Primitive Physick, his rigorous preaching “tours” & his organizational skills, he impressed many to follow Christ & (it is thought) the influence of his followers helped keep England from the bloody revolution just a few sea-miles away.

Allow an honest glance at this holy – yet still human man.  He needed a haircut.  He did not do well in choosing a wife.  He felt too free to edit other’s hymns – including his brother’s (we know more theology from Charles than from John).  As seen, I do not have John on a pedestal nor should anyone.  Compare to him? How foolish to say. But he had his niche to fill (did it well) & you & I have our niche – May God help you AND me.


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