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Jude 21 +

Jude 21

“Keep yourselves in the love of God,

looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.”


“Love her without jealousy; oblige her without flattery; honor her without making her proud;

& be hers entirely without becoming either her footman or her slave.”

– Adam Clarke [good advice for a husband]


You & I can do nothing to change God. Nothing.  But we can develop an attitude toward Him which foolishly shuts Him out of our lives.  If you find yourself here, I counsel you to come back, to seek His forgiveness for such an attitude.  By His grace you can change until you have great delight in Who God is. He did not change – He graciously allowed you to change. – 9/25/19


“Prayer is the most secret intercourse of the soul with God…

Prayer is the language of a conscious dependence on God…”

– Adam Clarke



A general from Syria came,

As a “leper” – he had that shame.

Wise action followed unwise speech;

Assenting, he walked Jordan’s “beach.”

He went home clean, without blame. [2Ki 5.1]

– eab, Oct. ‘05


“Above all books the Bible passes as iron into a man’s blood & gives vigor to his will &

he that lives with Jesus catches the infection of his aims & spirit.”

Ian Maclaren


* H E L P * If you disliked & struggled with grammar, yet found a series of “formulas” “ideas” “constructions” (I care not what you “call” them) which allowed you get a handle or smoothed the way for understanding the complexities of our language PLEASE consider posting an idea today, another tomorrow (or every-other-day, OR once a week) so home schooling parents, people trying to educate themselves, & others may benefit from your valuable discovers. We need your help. -10/13/19


Psa 27.14

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage & he shall strengthen thine heart:

wait, I say, on the LORD.”


Are we (yes You, yes me) praying for a Spiritual Awakening? An Awakening which would revolutionize our Holiness meetings? That would find us more in our prayer closets? That would bring heavy burdens for our neighbors? That might mean less fancy restaurant visits & more prayer meeting visits? Or, hear it, Or, will we see our churches cool further, without our tears & our moans? Amen?  Ouch?

[~Please, this is not “holier-than-thou. I need help right here.~] – 10/15/19


 “What think ye of Christ?

…is the question that confronts every man who has ever heard His name.”

– Carl McIntire

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