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  1. Cucs & Kids – Finished working with cucumbers last PM & remembered, “Train up a child in the way he should go…” (Pro 22.6) Kids are wonderfully better than cucs but “train” has a comparison. I use a “cucmber ladder” – they go up instead of out in my 8’x4’ raised beds. Carefully I stretched the vine up to step 1, even step 2. The cuc vines have an elasticity which can be surprising but, BUT you have to learn the “breaking point.” (One less vine is “not-the-end-of-the-world but a broken child is TRAGIC.) The vines have a natural curve right or left and to train them up the ladder I most honor that bent. Pray for wisdom with every kid. – eab, 6/23/17


  1. Cucs & Kids – Your son has a natural bent toward “x” or “y.” Be an observant parent (better than I was) and train, i.e. help the bend to be best used in his life. Colleges want you to send ALL your kids to them – not all need their help. Train that tender vine to go up, as best suites his vine shape. Encourage working with his hands or a desire to farm, or that interest in “x” alongside a solid Bible education, augmented with grammar, true history, and real science. Stretch him to know academics without discouraging him from “handling the real world.” P.S. Training is NOT letting him do as he pleases – TRAINING takes time – time and prayer. – eab, 6/23/17


  1. Cucs & Kids – You’ve noticed from early-on your daughter is good with kids (those her age and those younger). Do not insist she become a 4 year college grad. Cucumbers can be trained and so can daughters, a little here and a little there. Or you see her “nursing” the puppy or chicken – may she should be an RN (not for money but because it’s her natural bent). Pull too hard and the vine snaps, pull too little and it never reaches where it could go. Training should include Bible, basic grammar, history etc. and will take time, knowledge, and prayer. Don’t try to twist her the wrong way and kill her spirit but neither let her run wild. – eab, 6/23/17

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