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The King James Bible was published this date, 5/2/1611.  King James I of England (the then rising, most important country of its world) authorized scholarly men of God to bring forth a translation of the Holy Scriptures in English. Without putting approval on all England did militarily (on land/sea) God knew she would rule ¼ of the land mass & rule the seas.  This power spread the new language called “English.”   

As English spread it needed a Standard for grammar & spelling – the KJB became that.  As civilization spread it needed a Standard for conduct (both inward & outward) – the KJB provided that.  God, Who of course knows all things, knew English would be greatest language for centuries to come; knew it would become Lingua Franca & as He had who promised to “preserve” His Word “from this generation for ever” (Psa12.6-7) why would He not use the KJB, a.k.a. Authorized Version?

Some “scholars” (in their own eyes & eyes of similarly falsely “schooled” men) have elected to oppose the KJB.  They have tried to “label” those of use to love It, but in reality they are the ones (& their mislead university /seminary profs) who started the battle – we are defending what THEY attacked.  They are anti-KJB. Though I do not profess to be a scholar I’ll state this: my BA is in Literature, my MA is in Biblical Literature & these anti-KJB men are guilty of rejecting the most endearing & enduring CLASSIC.  The KJB is without question the Greatest Book in the English language.  Thank God for His preserved Word!

A modern champion for the KJB, Bro. Gene Hood, my friend, was laid to rest yesterday.  God bless is memory.  

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