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Jimmy Willis is a name you may not recognize.

But you may know his “radio name,” Kingfish. (My parents didn’t listen to “Amos and Andy” but I later learned of them.) I met the original Kingfish at God’s Bible School – after he converted to Christ and became a minister. My first year (’57-’58) the school had a Lord’s Day afternoon chapel. Bro Willis spoke and afterward, near where the central organ once stood, I got his signature in my Bible (This Bible seemed big to Martha Scarbrough in her first memory of me on the campus.) Not only did he sign his name but he wrote in it “Give God the Glory.” The Bible is long since gone (donated to Phil Newton because of a Bible shortage in the Bahamas c. ‘67-’68) but his saying’s been with me ever since.

O, Friend, “Give God the Glory!”

– eab, 2/10/17

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