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ALL the “new’ translations low‑rate, play‑down or omit references to the DEITY of the Lord Jesus Christ. ALL the “new” translations slander, omit, or change the WORDS of God. Most “new” trans. attack the Godhead: Father, Son & Holy Spirit as being ONE (omitting/changing ref.). MOST of the “new” translations attack the VIRGIN BIRTH by omitting or changing references to it. ALL the “new” translations are result of modern, unbelieving, humanistic so‑called “scientific scholarship”. Why do translators/scholars avoid identifying the older better manuscripts they cite as they change?

HOW can the “new” trans. be God’s WORD when they differ with the KJB in 5000 places in the NT?

If the “new” translations are God’s HOLY WORD – what does that make the AV, a.k.a. King James Bible? WHY do ALL the “new’ translations compare themselves to the KJB, instead of each other? Why do most “textual critics & bible scholars” continually attack & downgrade the KJB in schools/books? WHY have all major Bible publishers stopped printing the forward (not dedicatory) to the KJB?

ALL the “new” translations are much harder to MEMORIZE.     George H. Anderson Jr. (edited by eab)

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