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Krikor Gayjikian

While in high school at God’s Bible School I heard Krikor Gayjikian

testify up front on the girl’s side of the chapel. He was a single Armenian who’d witnessed persecution of Christians before coming to America. He wanted an Armenian wife but knew no one eligible. He sent a letter with his picture to the old country, explained his need, and how she could get here. A young lady named Osanna accepted. (I can imagine her friends telling her she was crazy.) He sent money for the Atlantic ship and train fare on to Cincy. On the appointed day they met at the train station and within 48 hours were married. Jesus Christ wants a peculiar Bride. He’s paid our “ticket” all the way to heaven! (Some detractors say we’re crazy to follow Him.) We’ve not seen Him “face-to-face” but we’ve caught glimpses of Him in Holy Writ.

Someday He’ll meet us in the Celestial City and we’ll be with Him forever.

– eab, 2/9/17

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