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“The preacher may go with the crowd; but the prophet goes against it.

A man freed, fired, and filled with God will be branded

   unpatriotic because he speaks against his nation’s sins;

   unkind because his tongue is a two-edged sword;

   unbalanced because the weight of preaching opinion is against him.”

– Leonard Ravenhill, from his book WHY REVIVAL TARRIES

>> Are you friend, a mere preacher or a PROPHET? <<

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“Is it less than blasphemy to sing songs on Sunday such as ‘All that thrills my soul is Jesus’ but spend hours a week at ball parks or before a T.V. trying to ‘get a kick’ out of life?”

– Leonard Ravenhill from his book MEAT FOR MEN

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“God does not want partnership with us

but ownership of us.”

– Leonard Ravenhill, from his book Why Revival Tarries


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