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Leslie D. “L. D.” Wilcox died 12/2/1991 in South Carolina.  He, his parents, and siblings were all converted in the same Wesleyan Methodist revival in January, 1924.  Wilcox entered God’s Bible School in 1927 and later taught there for 25 years.  He married Ruth Grode in 1929 and they had a son, Paul, and a daughter, Lucille (she & I were classmates all four years of high school).  His M.A. was from the University of Cincinnati.

He pastored 16 years and later was president of Ohio Conference 16 years, both with Wesleyan Methodist.  Wilcox would later belong to and help lead the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches.  His pen produced Power from on High (n.d.), Beyond the Gate (1961), Be Ye Holy (1965), Profiles in Wesleyan Theology (3 vol.,1985).  He was born 7/12/1907 at Silver Creek, NY, a few miles south and west of Buffalo on the shore of Lake Erie.

Quotes from Profiles in Wesleyan Theology

“He has a right of occupancy…He has the right of identification…” [under caption You Are God’s Property] p.270

“A foreigner won’t likely invest in real estate…he doesn’t intend to stay…picture of the Christian and his lack of interest in earthly values.” p.275

“There is no scripture to support their theory of separation of rapture and revelation…proponents are mostly Calvinists.” p.311

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Glimpses of  Greatness

Was he married?

 Who was he, really?

 Who were his contemporaries?

 What was he like out of the pulpit?

 What about his prayer life?

 Where was he born?

 Where did his travels take him?

 When did she teach?

 When did he write that?

 Why did she have that impact?

 Why was he so successful?

 What about his sense of humor?

 Glimpses of Greatness can answer some of the above and can tell you a bit more.  It is Edgar Bryan’s attempt to share personal insights in the lives of fifty-four (54) people he has personally heard and/or knew.

1.   Earl Adams

2.   Leroy (Mrs) Adams

3.   J. Wesley Adock

4.   V. O.  Agan

5.   E. B. Annabel

6.   Duncan Campbell

7.   Ray Chamberlain

8.   John W. Colwell

9.   T. W. Comadoll

10. Millard Downing

11. Wilfred Edwards

12. H. L. Ferguson

13. Paul W. Finch

14. R. G. Flexon

15. Dempsy W. Fossit

16. C. Ponder Frederick

17. Geraldine French

18. H. Robb French      

19. Glenn Griffith

20. Vance Havner

21. George Hawthorne

22. Steve D. Herron

23. Jack Holcom

24. Andrew Johnson

25. John F. Kennedy

26. Bert King

27. O. L. King

28. Jerry H. Lawson

29. August Luelf

30. E. G.  Marsh

31. I. Parker Maxey

32. Thurman McCoy

33. Warren C. McIntire

34. Henry Morris

35. Nettie Peabody

36. Leonard Ravenhill

37. Remus Rehfeldt

38. Rufus Reisdorph

39. Marguerite Reiss

40. Harry Shreve

41. Oswald J. Smith

42. William Steen         

43. Harry Straight

44. J. D. Sumner

45. J. Percy Trueblood

46. George B. Vernon, Jr

47. J. D. Webb, Sr.

48. Mom White

49. C. B. Widmeyer

50. Leslie D. Wilcox

51. Howard Williams

52. Jimmy Willis

53. Richard Wurmbrandt

54. Alvin (Mrs) York

 Find out how to get YOUR copy of Glimpses of Greatness.  PLACE “Glimpses of Greatness” on the subject line when you email. eabryan1@aol.com

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