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What?  No Body in the tomb?

Who ever heard the like?

Who can thus presume,

That One has risen,

That One is no longer dead,

Who ever heard that any successfully fled.

He is not here?

Why this is where they stopped the bier,

This is where a sheet-bound Frame,

(From which such wondrous words once came)

This is where they laid It down,

And sorrowfully, slowly, slumped back to town.

This has to be the lonely spot, 

Surely, I have not forgot

The roll of the land, the look of the vale,

This is the place, lifeless and stale.

That One precious Body came to rest

(What other point on earth is so blest?)

But the tomb is empty, there’s no Body in the grave.

What ever do you suppose? – – –

Why, here are His grave clothes.

Here is the napkin they wound around His head,

These are the items so know with the dead,

But He, the One who briefly wore them

Is gone – you’ll have to store them;

He’ll never need graves clothes again.

He left them low.  He did ascend,

He showed Himself – Many did Him see.

Life gave way to eternity!

The One who came, the lost to save,

Has conquered sin, hell, and the grave! – eab, 3/19/08

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