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To the traveler – – – life is a journey.

To the biographer – – – life is a journal.

To the attorney – – – life is a jury.

To the entertainer – – – life is a jest.

But to the Christian – – – life is Jesus, joyous Jesus.

– eab, Mar. ’77

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To the traveler, Life is a Journey. 


To the biographer, Life is a Journal.


To the attorney, Life is a Jury. 


To the entertainer, Life is a Jest.


But to the Christian – – –

Life is Jesus, joyous Jesus.  

– eab, Mar. ’77

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Life is the dingy, green side-stage room [1]

Tall but small and cold;

Basically bare, for the stage (out there) [2]

Is where it is all truly told.

          – eab, 1/05


[1] This reflects my childhood impression of the side-stage rooms at the school I attended ‘50-‘57, Somerset, Ohio.

[2] Eternity is the real stage, not earthly life.

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