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To “make light

of spiritual light,

is to surge that-much-more-rapidly

into the dark.

– eab, 9/4/12

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H             lack of   H                  Home

E              lack of   E                 Enjoyment

L              lack of   L                 Light

L              lack of   L                 Love     

 – eab, 1991

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Let there be light,

Let there be light,

Let there be light.

To light the night of sin,

‘Round men,

Vile men in fright.


Let there be love,

Let there be love,

Let there be love.

A dove-like love to man,

God’s plan,

His plan above.


Let there be life,

Let there be life,

Let there be life.

A life not strife

Below to grow

Christ’s holy wife. 

                – eab, Nov. ’74  (a song) [1]

[1] Written at my first pastorate Maryville, TN (Jefferson Av)

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If you like light, walk in the light,



you will have heavenly light forever.



If you do not like light and walk in darkness,



you’ll have outer darkness forever.


– eab, 10/7/10

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Life and Light

Death is like darkness


          – it must flee when Life and Light approaches. – eab, 2/10/09

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Darkness cannot put out light. 


          Light always, ALWAYS puts out darkness. – eab 3/2003


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Heaven sent a covering for all the world last night.

Was it red?  Was it orange? (Imagine such a sight. K)

Was it yellow, green, blue?  What would these hues do?

Was it purple?  Was the covering indigo?  No.

Heaven’s cover had all those colors – it was “light.” – eab, 12/5/06


Penned while pastoring in Frontenac County, Ontario

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