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I was out for a peaceful swim,

When God told me to “pick up” him

Some bad prophet who was “all wet.”

(That odd taste I remember yet L).

Men, don’t run from God on a whim!  – eab, 12/6/06

Written while pastoring in eastern Ontario, Canada.

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Sinners in trouble call on God,

Whether on rough sea or hot sod.

It seems a natural reaction;

Their soul’s only satisfaction,

Though last week prayer would’ve seemed odd. -eab, 11/7/07


Written in Westfield, Indiana

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The trail to heaven has an upward trend.

(Everyone knows heaven is up in the end.)

Expect challenge on some slopes,

Such climbs tend to raise higher hopes;

Courage fellow climber, look up my friend. -eab, 9/9/08 




Written at Westfield,Indiana

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Make sure that you daily do look,

Into that glorious Book.

Read a Proverb, a Psalm

To be perfectly calm.

Read it – or you’ll be a crook!  – eab, 3/3/05


see Bible Reading

 Written in Kingston,Ontario,Canada

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You may have had a tiny hunch,

Christ could have created that “lunch;”

But to Him that did not “add”

Instead, He used what the lad had,

Used it to nourish the whole bunch. -eab,  9/13/08 


Written at Westfield,Indiana              

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