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Heaven will have a multitude no man can number

(Rev 7.9) – taken literally, a man in a life-time can’t count it. Mr X counts 1 person per second for a minuet=60. He counts on for 60 minuets=3600. He counts for 6 hrs., takes lunch & counts 6 more hrs.=43,200. Tomorrow Mr X counts another 43,200 & does this a 6 day wk=259,200. He counts the same every wk. for 25 wks, takes 2 weeks vacation (much needed) and counts 25 more; a yr yields 12,960,000. If Mr X started at 16 and retired at 76 his count is far less than 1 billion. If he retired at 91 his count is still less than a billion – a multitude no MAN can number.

– eab, 4/5/17

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