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Poison ivy didn’t grow in the bowers of Eden;

Or, if it did, it wasn’t poisonous there.

And the wolf didn’t live in the glens of the Garden;

Or, if so, he was gracious to share.


And we can look back in anger at Adam’s great sin,

And we can wish to have lived in his place.

But there cometh a day much like Eden and better,

For all the redeemed,

ALL the redeemed of our entire race.  

 – eab, 6/86

Written while pastoring in Loogootee, IN

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The winged bird is not thought absurd,

When he throbs forth his soul.

Nor is the boy denied his joy

With hook, line, sinker, and pole.


It’s seen as no disgrace to “shine” one’s face,

For victories in the park.

But Christian men must hide within,

This glowing, heavenly spark?   – eab, 2/16/86

Written while pastoring in Loogootee, IN

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Christ is the center of Creation,

Evolution is anti – Christ.

He was before Darwin’s day;

He is now that “Chuck’s” passed away.

He will be when Darwin is raised,

To face the book for which he was praised.

And Christ, Creator, will be “Chuck’s” judge.

Evolution had a grudge. 

It is anti – Christ. – eab, 12/85


Written in Loogootee, Indiana

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