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The nephew of Abram called Lot;

Sodom he pitched toward, Sodom got.

His daughters were lost;

Sons? Oh, the high cost

Of gaining just what he’d sought.

[Gen 19.14]

– eab, 3/3/05

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A purchase was made in a town that had class.

The house had a decent and well-shaded plot.

How “lucky” they were to have found it at last,

And soon it was handsomely bought.


His mistress was pleased, “The location is great.”

Amenities?  Yes!  There had flowed thru her thought;

A vision of high entertainment, of late,

T’was something her soul had long sought.


His daughters were also in love with the place,

(Though daily the four of them selfishly fought.)

They loved the attention; they loved the fast pace,

Incredibly more, than they ought.


Did this town have action?  At night it was “wired!”

(That – long before current men knew the term “watt.”)

Adulteries and shows, fornications were hired.       

The city was full of such rot.


The house is so perfect, so very “upscale;”

The garden, the orchard, the gold apricot.

But is it not time to consider a sale?

A single look shows such a blot.        


Oh, see how the married girls all have become.

Each husband is drinking or is a sad sot.

The two who remain, are unmarried at home.

They’ll likely get, just what “sis” got.


But mom has her Garden Club, daughters have peers,

And dad has a seat at the city’s prime “slot.”

They’ve each gotten used to sin’s grime – without fears.

Besides, who would buy their big yacht?


Two angels appeared in the evening, like men.        

The man, wife, and daughters reverted (as taught).

They offered protection from Sodom’s sad sin,

But leaving there seemed a “long shot.”       


“My city, so fair on the plains of my dream,

“My Sodom will burn?  Get exceedingly hot?”

The son-in-laws doubt him, “Things are what they seem”

“Your daughters will stay.  They’ll go not!”  


Reluctant to flee, yet forbidden to stay;        

So closely aligned there, so tight was the knot.

They waited, they stalled, “Was there no other way.”

Must they flee their loved “Camelot”?


So pulled out by angels – reluctant to start,

Reluctant to leave her young daughter’s new “tot,”

The mother so slowly, but surely lost heart,  

And turned – That’s as far as she got.


The city soon burned,  scorched by heaven’s own fire.

Position and influence, mansion; were shot.  

Hot brimstone consumed all of one man’s desire,

Sulfuric clouds reigned o’er the spot.


“Roll back in your journey, swift suns of my life.”

“Return my lost son-in-laws, children, and wife.”   

“I give you my Sodom, so foolishly sought –”

“I, Lot, lost a lot – on that lot.” -eab, May 2001

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The nephew of Abram called Lot,

Sodom he pitched toward, Sodom got.

His daughters were lost,

Sons?  Oh, the high cost

Of gaining just what he had sought. – eab, 3/3/05  Gen 19.14

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