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This date 1/29 has two black spots in France.  1/29/1535 the French royal family, church officials, and other dignitaries joined a torch-lit procession through Paris to “purge” it from “Protestant defilement” – 6 Protestants were hung from ropes and roasted.                         

On the same date in 1685, The Edict of Nantes was revoked by King Louis XIV.  Protestant ministers were given 2 weeks to turn Catholic or leave France while Huguenot (Protestant) non-ministers were forbidden to leave.  They left.  Some 400,000 fled to England, Prussia, Netherlands, Switzerland, and even South Africa. This exodus severely damaged France as it lost some of its most skilled workers and it awakened France’s neighboring countries to what Louie the 14th was really like.                                                        

Americans – never take our religious freedom (though limited) for granted.

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