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God is responsible for man’s life


          Man is responsible for the Son of God’s death.

– eab, 3/23/09

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Man fails – God prevails


God never fails – man never (ultimately) prevails.

                                                                                     – eab, 2/27/09

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Man – the creature with an


                             Eternal “Feature” – eab, 2/17/09

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God can very well RUN His church

                   – man will RUIN God’s church. 

                             The difference, of course, is the “I.”         -eab, 2005

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Jesus not only became human – He became a Man of

          a certain century,

                   a certain place,

                             a certain race.                           -eab, 4/13/2001


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Men often take their imagination for their heart; and they believe they are converted as soon as they think of being converted.

           – Blaise Pascal, Pensees (1660) paragraph 275.


Grace is indeed needed to turn a man into a saint; and he who doubts it does not know what a saint or a man is.

           – Blaise Pascal, Pensees (1660), paragraph 508.


The feeble-minded are people who know the truth, but only affirm it so far as consistent with their own interest. But, apart from that, they renounce it.

           – Blaise Pascal, Pensees (1660), paragraph 583.


The Gospel only speaks of the virginity of the Virgin up to the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. All with reference to Jesus Christ.

           – Blaise Pascal, Pensees (1660), paragraph 742.


Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.

           – Blaise Pascal, Pensees (1660), paragraph 895.


Blaise Pascal, who is credited with inventing the wristwatch, the bus route, the first workable calculating machine, turned to Jesus.  This French mathematician was converted today in history.

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“What you see is what you get;

Man is not special – he’s just another clod.

Molecules met in ‘soup’ – by mere chance.

Planet’s revolving?  Just happenstance.”

‘The fool hath said in his heart there’s no God”

                                                – eab, 8/7/08 (Psa 14.1 & 53.1)


Written at Westfield, Indiana

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