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Mar 10.11-12

“…Whosoever shall put away his wife and marry another, committeth adultery against her.”

“And if a woman shall put away her husband and be married to another, she committeth adultery.”


You have this delicious feeling; “Mr. Perfect” is going to ask you to marry him. Or you’re waiting for a perfect day & location, to drop on one knee & propose marriage to “Miss Wonderful.” You’ve discussed subjects like “where you want to live,” “how many kids make an ideal family” etc. *Question* Do you both agree Marriage Is For Life? Have you studied this HUGE subject yourself or are you (perhaps semi-consciously) accepting the indoctrination of a denomination, a parent, a school? Don’t – this is too serious.

– eab, 3/26/18


“All the power & wisdom & cunning of satan will be exercised to secure your defeat.

He hates a holy man.”

– J M Pike, /The Double Cure/


Thank God for the occasional “Jesus fan” we see in church – that one who’s so happy that their face shows it, so victorious, their body language show it: hand in air, or standing to their feet (without swaying), so full of praise for Christ that glory for Him flows from their mouth. The stadium, gymnasium (heathen backgrounds) have “ball fans” who stand up, put their hands up, speak up, through their hats up, over “winning.” Wish we could see more victoriousness for Our Lord. He will win!

– eab, 4/15/18




Here and there on branches bare

A cocoon earthward swings,

Waiting, a month or two, to be a zoo,

Of six-legged flying things.

Earth is so pleased to end the freeze,

It’s bursting up with joy.

And down the street, with peddling feet,

Rides a six-year boy. [older son]

– eab, April 1971


Mar 8.37

“Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”


The devil’s been successful in getting schools & individuals hyper about games. They spend untold dollars, hours & connive “off season” how to beat next year. All-the-while satan hopes fans never discover the greatest contest isn’t over a ball but over man’s never dying soul. The contest is fierce. Man nor devil can beat you in this contest – you’re your biggest competition. Compared to your soul, olympics pale to insignificance. It may play again – if you lose your soul struggle there’ll never be a second chance.

– eab, 4/15/18


“Wihout God’s will and our own consent,

the evil cannot hurt us…”

– Martin Luther, /Table Talk/


The compromiser is (as it were) using his pick & shovel to widen the narrow way so he can take his favorite disobedience on it. And the over-enthusiastic legalist is (as it were), pushing rocks & brush onto the way to make it more narrow thus suiting his cultish limitations. If satan can’t get us to one extreme, he’ll attempt the other.

– eab, 4/14/18

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