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There’s something about being poetic,

That is more than perfect rhyming,

And it’s more than correct timing.

Poetry is more than marching words along a line,

It is more than some grocery jingle,

Or a climax that makes one tingle,

More than the dot and dash of accent, e’er so fine.

All the points attempted up above,

Could be used of human hate or love,

Could describe a soul in pity or “apine.”

All mankind’s thoughts of great importance,

Leave prose pages at least once,

To “suffer” a poet’s twist, twang, or entwine.

It’s not what you say but,

(Some would insist) how you say it,

Poetry’s the “limo” in which to convey it.

Be they grandiose words like yours,

Or simple ones like mine,

Old words, new words – imagination is the thing,     

Cranky words, kind words – make them stand up and sing,

Or make them whisper, wheeze, or simply whine.

Prose is permanent, it has won its place,

On continents old or new, among man’s rare race,

But Poetry – Ah Poetry, may it never decline.

                – eab, 4/09/08

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