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You are partly who you are because of who you married.

And – – – they are partly who they are because they married you. (This is some-what true of your parents but you didn’t choose them.) Therefore UTMOST wisdom is needed in selecting your life’s mate. Pray, fast, OPEN b-o-t-h eyes, listen to parent &/or pastor, and pray some more. The best to you! “Marriage is a wonderful thing…” (from the song God gave me for Phillip/Heather, 1995).

– eab, 9/1/17

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Marriage is the original expression of completion on earth. Never be careless about it or be forced into it. Don’t mislabel the sin of lust, calling it “love.” (They are two separate, yes, opposite things.) Don’t rush into marriage; rushing is inappropriate for a life-time decision. Marriage (one man, one wife, for life) is God-made; therefore needs God’s selections (right husband/right wife) AND God’s timing.

A few sinners have had good marriages because of lots of love (God helped them as they helped themselves) and sadly a few “professing” Christians have had rough marriages. Since marriage is God’s institution, man and woman should not wed until both have been born again, and thus belong to God, body and soul.

– eab, date c. 2014

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He was Rich, more rich than the locals could possible grasp – She was the very epitome of poverty.

He was Mature – She had a certain childishness.

He was majestically handsome – She had a country comeliness.

He was Accomplished without being worldly – She had a wonderful sense of innocency.

Their’s was a marriage made in heaven, worked out on earth and to be celebrated forever, literally!

He is the Heavenly Bridegroom, Christ, the founder of Christianity – She is the purified, perfected, poor (yet rich in Him) bride of Christ!

– eab, 7/2/11

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Marriage is like Siamese twins, joined at the heart –


                                      separation kills both.              

   – eab, 3/30/09

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Our majestic Maker made marriage


          The dirty devil drives to divorce.     -eab, 4/21/09

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There are men of phenomenal wealth,

Some gained honestly, others by stealth.

Men who can buy and sell a whole town.

Their fortune seems to have never turned down.

If we don’t watch, we can envy such “blokes”

As more “lucky” than the rest of us folks.


Money is just a means to an end.

It can’t make a “home,” or a marriage mend.

We place too great an imagined high,

On money, gold, and what silver can buy,

Blinded by dollar $ign$ we fail to see,

In wealth, they’re no richer than you and me.


Time, dear friend, is the truest treasure;

The rich and poor receive the same measure.

Each start their day with a fresh supply

Of hours which drag or go flying by.

“Money Bags” has no more time in this day,

Than the poor: close or a continent away.


Each of us should value time, make it count;

No one has more – no one a less amount.

Time may yield you marriage, happiness, a wife,

Money can’t even buy a slight sliver of life.

God’s given “today” – use  it wisely, every hour.

Time, not money, has true-value power.  -eab, 11/3/06


Written when I pastored the Kingston Pilgrim Holiness Church, Ontario, Canada 

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~My Phillip~
Thank you for asking me to that picnic at G.B.S.
I will be FOREVER GLAD that I said, “YES!”
Those dating days were wonderful you see…
Thank you for being YOU, and loving me as ME.


Thank you for asking me to marry you on April Fool’s Day…
I’m glad you weren’t fooling, and I’m yours for ALWAY!
Thank you for that portrait that you drew of me…what a beauty
Thank you for being YOU, and loving me as ME.


What fun memories we have of our newlywed days…
We have had a strong Christian home, to God be praised!
These 12 1/2 years of Marriage have been just as fun as they could be.
Thank you for being YOU and loving me as ME.


Thank you for being such a wonderful Daddy to our precious 4;
Thank you for loving Jesus, spending time with us and more.
Thank you for the awesome memories we have as a family
Thank you for being YOU and loving me as ME.

Thank you for letting me treat you like a KING…
And Thank you for treating me like a QUEEN!
Let us grow old together…until we are 103
Thank you for being YOU, and loving me as ME. ~Heather

Heather C B Dickinson was born 11/6/1973, in Marion, Ohio the younger daughter of the Edgar A Bryans.  Phillip, as an engagement gift painted (three different size pens, pointillism*) a large portrait of Heather and upon her saying “yes” (in the Black Hills of South Dakota) gave it to her.  They as, I hope you see, are happily married.  103 may sound fantastic but Heather’s paternal grandma is 101 and counting.  SEE HEATHER’S HIGHLIGHTS (Blogroll)

*  The theory or practice in art of applying small strokes or dots of color to a surface so that from a distance they blend together – Merriam-Webster

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