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On This Date

Mary Ann Baker was born to Christian parents on 12/27/1831 near Springfield, IL.  Sadly, both of her parents died as victims of a respiratory disease.   Then her brother (who had purposely traveled a 1000 miles from Chicago for health reasons) started losing his battle with the same dreaded ailment.   He could not come to her and was wanting her to come to him but she was also ill.  This trial and his death rocked her.  She was seriously tempted to question that Christ cared – God helped her to see He did.   She wrote:

Master, the tempest is raging!

The billows are tossing high!

The sky is o’ershadowed with blackness.

No shelter or help is nigh.

Carest thou not that we perish?

How canst thou lie asleep

When each moment so madly is threatening

A grave in the angry deep?


The winds and the waves shall obey my will;

Peace, be still! Peace, be still!

Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea

Or demons or men or whatever it be,

No waters can swallow the ship where lies

The Master of ocean and earth and skies.

They all shall sweetly obey my will.

Peace, be still! Peace, be still!

They all shall sweetly obey my will.

Peace, peace, be still!

   When President James A Garfield was assassinated in 1881, the hymn was sung at several of the funeral services held in his honor across the country.

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