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Mat 1.25 +

Mat 1.25

“And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son:

and he called his name JESUS.”


“…the church…goes into shows & frolics & festivals & fairs,

which destroy the spiritual life of the young as well as the old.”

– M W Knapp


Psa 146.6 Which MADE Heaven, and Earth, the Sea, and all that therein is: which keepeth truth for ever:   – God made Heaven, Earth, World # 18


“A backslider is one who has lost his spiritual eye-sight.”

– M W Knapp /Christ Crowned Within/


HE CAME AT NIGHT (15th Bryan card) * 1 of 2

Heaven had such luster, such delight,

While far below on the footstool of God,

The absence of beauty, the absence of light,

Ruled over river and rock and sod,

And over plants and over creeping things,

And animals with hoofs, and animals with wings.


For thousands of years it had been thus;

Day constantly pursued by the night.

Twilight toning to shades of dusk –

The way to walk again lost from sight –

Man floundering in murk and mire,

With only here and there a tiny fire.


The Creature saw His creatures’ needs;

Saw the contrast of heaven and earth,

Saw, through darkness, the wound that bleeds,

Saw the man in shadow’s firm girth;

And seeing He felt, seeing He cared,

And destined Heaven’s Light to be shared.


Christ left the sight of eternal morn,   2 of 2

Departed in mutual, Sovereign will.

And arrived at night, Ah, time forlorn;

Time that drags for the sad and the ill.

Oh, what Providence, that the Prince of Light,

Should arrive on earth in the middle of the night.


And the night to which He came was more,

Than a mere dome of black o’re head.

Sin had blackened the human shore

(Far worse than oil slicks of modern dread)

And proceeded to ink the rest of the race,

From the pagan’s hut to the civilized place.


All this night, all this visionless foul,

Christ, the Illustrious, met full of force.

He brightened them both (Don’t ask me how.)

And challenging, changed the nature, the course,

Of the darkness, the ruin, the blackness of sin,

Both outward and inward, the problems of men!


So as beautiful stars light the winter’s sky,

Remember that Christ came from brilliance – to none.

Sacrificing for man, that man might glorify

The Light, the only self-brilliant One.

And remember, heaven shared its gift of light,

In the middle of Bethlehem’s, Ah, the world’s dark night.

– eab, 12/14/79 * God’s helped me pen a card 1964-2018 (except 2)


“A worthy leader knows how to listen…”

– Andrew W Blackwood   [ He is so correct -eab]


Mat 3:3

“For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, ‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.’”


A board (1×3, 2×4, base, or crown molding) can look fairly straight until held to a perfectly straight wall or level floor. The same is true with our lives: “I’m not too bad” “I’m as good as that deacon,” etc. – until we hold our lives up to the Bible & its Holy teachings. The Word of God is our standard – don’t run from It.

– eab, 12/14/18


“The leader also should enjoy every minute. In a high sense,

being happy is the minister’s chief business here below.”

– Andrew W Blackwood


“Thus saith the Lord” first occurs in Exodus & is written last in Malachi. In between the OT has over 400 uses of these Heavy words. No prophet is recorded as saying, “I don’t know about you but….” Why are modern ministers saying, “I don’t know about you but…”? They are light words. They lack authority. They seem to say “You don’t have to agree with me…” It would be better if the man of God gave a certain sound.

– eab, 12/14/18

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Mat 1.25 +

Mat 1.25

“And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.”


‘Tis Anniversary Week**1. Before Martha met me she’d asked a former pastor to perform her wedding. I met him, it was alright, I’ve be happy that Levi W Whisner did our ceremony. The other minister was my former pastor, J D Webb Sr. All of Martha’s attendants are living but 2 of the 3 who stood with me, Jerry Lawson & Jerry Kosier, have died. We were married in the former Nazarene church (later “Jefferson Ave Tabernacle”) in Maryville, TN, 6/30/61. We’ve been married longer than either set of parents.

– eab, 6/24/18


“Do not have as your motive the desire to be known as a praying man…Have no other motive than to know your Father in Heaven.”

– Oswald Chambers, /MyUtmostForHisHighest/


Why has God not told us more about Heaven? Ever asked yourself that? Perhaps it’s because we couldn’t grasp 1% of the truth. We’ve seen a little gold so can visualize it but “as” pavement? No. We may (or may not) have seen a pearl but one big enough to form a gate? (Gates can be huge, not a 3.0 door). If we want to know more about heaven – Let us determine to mind God & someday (soon?) witness for ourselves a splendor beyond present comprehension. Amen?

– eab, 6/24/



God, gratefully, is not limited to your church or mine

He doesn’t have need of your dollar, my dime

He works how & when He’s pleased.

Among the rich, those seen as poor

Where He finds willingness, an open door

There sin in removed; There burdens are eased.

– eab, 6/21/18


Joh 1.9

“That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”


Ever wondered why God loves you? There are billions a lot like you – why does He love you??? 1.) God is love (1Jo 4.8). 2.) How can I (mere mortal) guess? 3.) But forgive me, I will – He loves individuality. (He could’ve made us all alike &, I suppose, could’ve loved us in “samish-ness” but He didn’t.) So, IMO, God loves you, & YoU, yOu, & you over there (to infinity) related to us being different. BTW only God can make billions of humans similar enough to be humans, but different in so many ways. Amazing!

– eab, 6/24/18


Although Sir Walter Scott…was surrounded by a library of 40000 books on his death-bed he said…“Bring me the Book.” When asked what book…he replied, “There is only ONE Book…”

– Gilchrist Lawson, /Thoughts About the Bible/


If Jesus has saved you run the opposite direction from “magic.” The words “magic” “magical” don’t occur in Holy Writ; “magicians” (Gen 41, Exo 7-8, Dan 1-2, 4-5) & magician (Dan 2) do – they are ALL aligned with satan. Don’t be curious about how tricks are done or work. To go were the false is paramount can hurt your Christian influence. God is real! The devil is false. Stay away from fabrications, slight-o-hand, card tricks, make believe, anything/anyone pretending to be what they aren’t. We’re not here to be entertained!

– eab, 6/24/18

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