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Because one is a “PK” or an “MK

doesn’t mean they’re “OK.” 

Preacher’s Kid, Missionary’s Kid

All of us need personally redeemed

– – –  ALL.   

– eab, 8/28/12

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I believe that God made me for a purpose…(the mission) but He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”


A quote by Eric Henry Liddell (pronounced Lĭdl) who died this date (2/21/1945) closing a missionary career, in a prison in China. 


In college he became known as a runner and was chosen to represent Britain at the Paris Olympics in 1924.  When the schedule was published his race was slated for the Lord’s Day.  Liddell (to the consternation and disgust of many Englishman) withdrew from that race.  He was a devout Christian and put keeping God’s Day holy, above any national interest.   He later ran (on a week day) the 200 meter, getting a bronze metal. 


On the way to the start of the 400 meter, an unknown man handed Eric a paper with a portion of 1 Samuel 2.30 on it, “Them that honour Me I will honour.”  Liddell, also known as the “Flying Scotsman,” won the 400 meter race, breaking the world record, and giving England a gold metal. 


He returned to China, not as an MK, but as a missionary himself.  Eric was born 1/16/1902 in Tientsin, China to Minister and Mrs. James Liddell, Scottish missionaries.


Note: this post is uncharacteristic of eab (as those who know me can testify).  It is included because of the sterling character Liddell displayed – God give us more men who place God ahead of nation and/or ambition.

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