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Today Mom (Ruth E. Bryan – her signature)

would’ve turned 110. I’m glad she was my “mother” though I never called her that – she was Mom. She & Dad did their best to stay in a careful-way church and without being unduly critical, might question on the way home from church, to know if what he preached was in the Bible – I appreciate that heritage. A cousin said, “If Aunt Ruth didn’t make it there’s no need for the rest of us trying.”

Bless the memory of a great Mom and a great friend of holiness missionaries.

– eab, 7/6/17

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The years have come to ninety and eight  *

That’s a lot of chronological “weight”

For your slimness to shoulder

Today Mom, you’re one year older.


Memories of youth I could not have known

But the wild world’s “oats” were not sown

God instead made you a lot bolder

Today Mom, you’re one year older.


Married you were to Clyde D., my dad

Children made your “mother heart” glad

(Though death now has some in its “folder.”)

Today Mom, you’re one year older.

                – eab, 7/6/2005 * (note – this was written five years ago – today she is 103!)

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Ma! Oh the happy ear received,

Mom, on the heart ever recorded,

Moma often thinks her efforts rigid,

Madre operates the home easily rewarded,

Mother occurs to help ease regularly,

Mother’s own touch: heaven’s earthly royalty.

                – eab, 5/72

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