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Monday, 1/26/09 in the Indian Ocean, there will be a total solar eclipse.  The light of the sun will be blocked out by an object (scientists tell us) much smaller than it is – the moon.  This does not happen often to the sun. 


But – – – The SON of righteousness is being block out in life after life.  This is not confined to the Indian Ocean.  Christ’s Light is being blocked out, over much of Asia.  Africans by the millions do not see His Light.  Multitudes of Europeans have a blockage problem – they do not see Jesus.  Even in our hemisphere there are souls who do not have the Light.  What about Indiana?  Uh – – – what about Westfield?  Do YOU, Friend, see Jesus the way you should?  Or is He blocked out of your vision?  Are you in the dark when you could be in the Sonlight?


And, you know what?  Your blockage of the Son is also a much smaller object!!!  What Friend, is blocking out the Light of Jesus. Eternity will reveal it to be so small that you will then be ashamed of it.  Please allow God to remove the object and let His Light – His SONlight come in.    

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