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If you could gain Heaven with cash

would you pay a $1000? $1,000,000? When we’re younger $1000 is next-to-impossible. The other figure’s still impossible for many. The “Ticket” for admission was long ago “Paid” by our Wonderful Redeemer, Jesus Christ the Righteous. We mortals may believingly accept His Gracious Gift but the hands which we reach out for It must be empty – empty of all earthly contaminations. The youth who couldn’t muster $1000 CAN empty his hands of worldliness; the millionaire CAN (& must) also empty his hands. Heaven, of course, can’t be “purchased” but receiving Life Eternal in the next world, means relinquishing sins and some “legitimate” things of this life.

Gladly, Lord, I give up all You require!

– eab, 10/28/16

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