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You’re allowed in the Celestial plane,

Things about which the world would complain,

Heaven will be glad that you thus brought,

Holy items which can ne’er be bought.


LOVE is luggage that’s always allowed,

True love is the kind that God endowed,

A jug of JOY you can also bring,

It gladdens the heart, helps it to sing.


You are allowed a parcel of peace,

Think of it! – it will only increase,

But there IS a box you won’t need to bring,

Up there you’ll need no longsuffering!


Gentleness will be in great supply,

But bring some with you above the sky.

Bring a big portion of God’s goodness,  

That you used fellow earthlings, to bless.


Celestial Line allows FAITH full-sized,

Where you’re going its most highly prized.

A trunk of MEEKNESS you may include,

None traveling up there dare it exclude.


A tin of TEMPERANCE be sure to take,

Though earth’s the place its measure to make.

Check your luggage with Celestial Line,

As I plan also on checking mine.


You’ll find Celestial quite up to date,

“State of the art”? Much better than “state.”

It is never early, never late.

You can safely trust your travel slate.


You’ll love its constant heavenly rate,

(Which changing churches cannot inflate.)

Meals you ask? It’s a heavenly plate.

Celestial will land you at the right gate.


(You’ll never again “trust” to odd fate.)

Flee this earth with its war, lust, and hate.

(Don’t try to bring carnality’s crate.)

By all means take along your life’s mate.


Pack up today! Don’t procrastinate.

Be there, the King’s reign to celebrate!   -eab, 2/17/07

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