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Newsletter part #1

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We are totally blessed. Allow me to share a few of our 2016 blessings with you.

¶Our youngest child/husband/kids, the Phillip D Dickinsons, are still in Cincy though their house is for sale as he wants to move the family into a rural setting. If a turn-of-the century-brick (2.5 stories & full “cellar”) within some 4-5 blocks of God’s Bible School interests you (to own or rent to students/staff) call him or connect on fb. Another if: if you have not had them (speaker, singers, musicians) for a mission service see about that too. They have suffered this year but found God sufficient and friends plentiful.

¶Our older daughter/husband/kids, the Daryl D Hausmans, (also in Cincy) have seen their oldest step into the classroom as teacher for the first time and with the first grade. Daryl is busy teaching international students the fundaments of the world’s lingua franca, and personally pursuing more Chinese studies. Laura, possibly the busiest person in the “Haus” supports her husband in his role, older daughters in their diverse spots, home schools two more, in addition to supplying meals, doing laundry, etc. All are active at church.  

¶Our younger son/wife/daughter, the Lincoln S Bryans continue their residency in Old Dominion, where Lyn teaches and “has to answer” to Lincoln there as well as at home – He is the principal of a growing church-related school which also employs their only daughter. He finds time in the summer to be a successful gardener and in the fall to “bag” a nice buck. Their grandson (Keith’s boy) recently made family history by memorizing Psa 19.14. Thank you Carson’s parents for taking the time to make this happen. 🙂

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