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Newsletter part #2

And – well – our oldest/wife and some kids, the E Andrew Bryan II family are surprising us the most, by moving out of AK (his business will still function, as I understand, up there in warmer months). They have chosen VA for new “stomping grounds” where he has bought 35 acres. It has a “barn” which can in part be made into living quarters while they build a new but old looking country dwelling. A daughter/s-n-l were already in VA and their oldest son not too far away. (He spent a few hours with Gram/Gramp last month which we loved.) Happy moving.

¶Moma Stel, my m-n-l, still lives by herself in TN. She has her other daughter, Carole, (RN) close and another person who checks on her daily, making this possible at 94. We see her periodically – were there about a week in October – and Martha calls her almost every night.

¶Our garden produced the most/largest acorn and butternut squash ever this year. Was pleased with our small but nice onion rows and strung them up to dry (a first for me). The nine sweet potato plants yielded over a five gallon bucket and the tomatoes did well. Planted more blueberry plants and put in a pyramid of cement blocks with a strawberry plant in almost every hole. A few non-garden projects also were done. 1.) Barn – put vinyl siding on our little “barn” and installed a sliding window (which came out of our house in ’13) as the siding came up. 2.) Back porch – put a wall on the northern side (a non-moving “garden door” with a vinyl-clad window on each side) plus added a side-light by each eastern facing post giving it a dressed-up look. Got Martha’s porch swing up facing south and so it will “swing” up and in out of the weather. 3.) Clothes “dryer” – I placed one hook in a 6×6 porch post and another in a place where I’d sawn off a branch from a spruce; between them I have a line running on two pulleys. This saves on the electric bill and I love the smell of sheets/pillow cases dried like this.

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