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My parents never owned a TV. My wife’s parents never owned a TV. My wife and I have never owned one. This places us in a very small percentage of 21st century Americans. Does this mean I am free from the influencing tentacles of TV? I wish! No, I am subjected to America’s IDOLS on magazine covers at the grocer, subjected to TV’s gods/goddesses via radio advertising, and subjected to hollywood’s IMAGES on highway billboards. Modernity is a sad mixture of reality and MAKE-BELIEVE. And though TV (and like ilk) are primarily filled with pretend people and pretend plots their manipulating power is horribly real. As a fellow traveler to eternity I cannot urge you too carefully to do all you can to think on your own; to not buy into “their” UNREAL world. The Bible warns against IMAGERY. Our world is permeated with it.

– eab, 6/16/16

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