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“…We have in the holiness Movement the practice of such things as mixed-bathing, wearing of all sorts of brief attire, movie viewing (at home and in theaters), public sports participation, etc. and no one is supposed to utter a protest…” [1]

“Trying to find where some holiness preachers stand on some issues it like trying to hold down an eel on a slippery rock.” [2]

“…Many are fooled by the liberal holiness preacher’s terminology…‘worldliness’…he in no real sense means…”  [3] 

Steve D. “S. D.” Herron died this date, 2/25/1994 at Charlotte, North Carolina.  He founded Hobe Sound Bible College in 1960.  Early HSBC board members included H. Robb French, C. Ponder Frederick, Mrs. Ella Zuch, Glenn Griffeth, and Andrew Whitney.

Herron was one of the greatest Christian educators of his time.

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Union Institute on this date, 11/21/1852 was chartered as a Christian training school by Methodist Church in Randolph County, North Carolina.   The school was renamed Trinity College in 1859.  It was not doubt a good move to drop “union” in light of the pending strife closely related to that word.  It was a wonderful move to honor the wonderful Trinity with this new name.  In 1892 the college campus was moved to Durham, North Carolina.  

But listen to this.  A tobacco magnate named James B. Duke decided to give Trinity College a gift in 1924.  It was a huge gift, reported to be a $40 million endowment.  For money (it seems – God knows the hearts of the men) the great name Trinity was dropped.  Want to know what took its place?  Try Duke.  Oh, the power of money – even on a Christian college.  Trinity College became Duke University.


Info Source - William D Blake. Almanac of the Christian Church. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1987.  

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