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From FYC “For Your Consideration” 6/24/12

A moment’s reflection, maybe, on why you come to church?  (The why we attend church could be more important than we realize.)  It you come out of habit – I congratulation you.  I know of no better place to be on the Lord’s Day than with a Bible-believing, holiness-teaching, fellowship of believers.    


If you come to sing some great hymns of worship, again you are to be congratulated.  To list here (in small font) the titles or and authors of the great hymns would literally take all of F.Y.C. and more Lord’s Days to come.  To list only one author among the “A’s” would force us to leave out Ackley or Adams or Alexander or Allen. When we got to the “W’s” Wesley would vie with Watts, etc. You do right to come sing the great hymns.


If you come to church today (and regularly) to have a place to pray you are to be commended.  Jesus (referring to the Temple) said “…My house is the house of prayer…” You are more than welcome to pray today – at the altar, in your pew – aloud or in whispered tones.  Please talk to God and then take some time to listen; He may well want to speak a word or two back to you.


If you come to church to give a monetary offering may the Lord reward you abundantly. Never be deceived by the “health-wealth” malarkey – give your tithes and offerings from a generous heart. Having said that, life-histories seem to confirm that a tithing/giving soul is more likely to be blessed.


If you come to church today here, wanting to hear a great message you have possible come to the wrong place.  I ask that you pray (now & daily) for this pastor that the Lord may help His unworthy servant speak words which (by His miracle power) will become a message for you. If the message seems dry please ask God for the moistening of His presence. Also pray that someone other than you may benefit a bit from it. 


You may be here for more than one (all?) of the above.  Only God can arrange that you leave un-disappointed but He can do that if He so wishes.  Thank you for coming.  Welcome today and  a-l-w-a-y-s.

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