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Once saved, always saved?

“Once painted always painted” take that to the house painter.

“Once mowed always mowed” take that to the front lawn.

“Once trowel-able always trowel-able” take that to the concrete finisher.

“Once fireproof always fireproof” take that to the fire station.

“Once fertile always fertile” take that to garden.        

– eab, 2 / 16&19 /11

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Once saved, always saved?

“Once long hair always long hair” take that to the “beauty” parlor.

“Once free always free” take that to the prison.

“Once full always full” take that to the gas station.

“Once fresh always fresh” take that to the meat market.

“Once plowed always plowed” take that to the farm field.

– eab, 2/16/11

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Every one of your friends share fields of mutual interest with you.

(Some share A B C, some X Y Z, some A & X, some only share Q.) If/when a friend leaves field A (and it was his only mutual field) he drops from a friend to former friend or an “acquaintance.” If a friend leaves every field of mutuality he may cease to mean anything to you and in fact, may become your enemy. If a man can drop friends with enough reasons, surely God is not obligated to keep a man as His “friend” when He has every evidence that the man no longer wants to be friends with God.


– eab, 8/29/15

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Once saved, always saved man?

No, he can backslide.

Once a Christian nation, always a Christian nation?

No, America has backslidden.

– eab, 7/4/11

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